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3D Printing Supplies EVERY 3D Printing User Needs

  • Most people asked, "Can you recommend me a beginner 3d printer?"

  • However, is not about beginner 3d printers or budget 3d printers.

  • The REAL question should be what are you going to use the 3d printer for...

  • 3D Printer should be a TOOL to solve your problem therefore you need to find the RIGHT TOOL, not the cheap tool.

  • There are so much of 3d printing material in the market.

  • But there is NO BEST material in the world, your job is to choose the MOST OPTIMAL material for your use case.

  • Understand pros and cons, capability of your 3d printer to print particular material are critical skill.

  • Therefore we have put together 'Material Pocket File V2.0'. Click the button above to download it!

  • This is our new program to create more awareness about environment problem.

  • Send back the empty filament spool to us to claim your voucher!

  • Not only you won't feel guilty to throw the plastic spool, but you also get more discount on your purcahse.

  • If you struggling with the 3d printing output, this Rental Program is suitable for you.

  • You will be able to drastically improve your productivity without putting lot of money upfront.

  • Besides that, we also have Rent To Own.

  • Click the button above for more info.

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