How To Scale Your 3D Printing Productivity 2X-10X Without Spending A Lot of Money Upfront Buying A Lot of 3D Printer

(and avoid end up waste after project is completed...)

"3D printing is the perfect tool to run a small scale and customized solution to your client without the need to open mold for injection molding. However, it is slow and take long hours to produce parts. With current situation, it is hard for business owner to scale up productivity and meet client dateline."

Therefore we are introducing...

3D Printer Subscription Plan

Hi, my name is Wilder Ong, CEO and founder of Fabbxible.
3D Printer Subscription Plan is a rental service where you rent the high spec 3d printer without compromise quality at lower cost for a period of time. 

Why Business Rent Instead of Buy?


No need come out with large capital for high spec machine even before you make money. 

Get to try out and experiment before investing 3d printer in actual work flow.


Cash flow friendly for startup company. Able to scale or shrink the number of machine depend on business circumstances or uncertainty.


Not get locked to old machine model and couldn't find spare parts. Stay up to date and upgrade to the latest 3d printing technology. 


Hassle free for unpredictable machine breakdown. We offer free warranty, maintenance and 1 to 1 replacement to reduce your machine downtime. 


Renting machine is operating expense. No worry asset depreciation (10% every year)

3D Printer Subscription Plan is now offering for SSM registered company, school and institute.

This service at the moment is available for Penang, Selangor, KL and Johor state customer.


But you can also let us know even you are not in the above state, so that we can work out to expand into more area.

If you are interested to the rental service, click the button below to see the broacher.

If you are interested to become our agent cooperate with us to expand this 3D Printer Subscription to your local area, click the button below.