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Meet Fabbxible

Hi there, I'm Wilder Ong, co-founder and CEO of Fabbxible Technology. Fabbxible was established in 2015, with our name derived from 'fabricate' and 'possible'. I'm here to be your guide to the world of 3D printing, helping you understand how it can be tailored to your specific needs and projects.

We pride on our expertise in 3D printing, backed by a solid background and years of experience:

I hold a degree in Manufacturing Engineering with Management from University Sains Malaysia.
With 10 years of experience in CAD designing and 3D printing industry. 

In 2014, I've been involved in designing and building RepRap 3d printing machines from scratch.

In 2016, we've successfully overcome barriers to allow first-time users to easily acquire their very first 3D printer.Provided consultancy services to engineering firms, not just for prototyping but also for production applications.Offered troubleshooting assistance to clients and communities, addressing printing quality issues and providing effective solutions.


In 2020, during Covid-19, we've support local makers to produce face shield to the hospital's front linear.

In 2023, I started a community 'Makers to Entrepreneur' to gather local makers and businessman form a resources to support each others. 

In 2024, we have set up a 3d printing farm where it is open to the public use for free.


Whether you're looking to integrate 3D printing into your current project, seeking clarity amidst the ocean of information online, or even aiming to establish a 3D printing-based business, we're here to offer you insightful suggestions that will profoundly impact your decisions.

So, how can you utilize my knowledge and experience for your gain?

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