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Meet Fabbxible

I'm Wilder Ong, co-founder of Fabbxible Technology. I'm your consultant in helping you to understand 3d printing products to be use and apply for your specific application.

If you desire to find 3d printing utilize your current projectclear out your confusion from ton of information you search online or even build a 3d printing based business, we are here to give you constructive suggestion that will impact from your decision. 

We are awesome at 3d printing and our accomplishments include:


  • Manufacturing Engineering graduated from University Sains Malaysia

  • 7 years in CAD designing

  • 7 years experience in 3d printing industry

Work History:

  • Design and self build RepRap machines.

  • Reduce hurdle to enable first time 3d printing user own their very first 3d printer.

  • Provide consulting to engineering firm to utilize 3d printing besides on prototyping but also on production.

  • Help client and community to trouble shoot printing quality issue and provide solution to tackle the issues.



  • Lazada Best Selling and Highest Rated PLA filament

  • Shopee Best Selling Desktop Ender 3, 3D Printer

Behind the Screen:

  • Fabbxible Technology founded in 2015.

  • Fabbxible is the combination of 2 words 'fabricate' and 'possible'.

  • We have shut down previous 3d printing physical retail shop before the create Fabbxible.

  • Started business by listing only 5 colors of CPLA online and today becoming the WIDEST range of filament in Malaysia



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