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PP 1.75mm Filament 1kg / 1000g

RM 85.00
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PP, short for Polypropylene.
PP is among the most chemical stable filament among the 3d printing material.
Compatible with 3d printer that accept open filament system.

Diameter: 1.75mm±0.05mm
Weight: 1kg (filament) + 0.3kg (spool)
Printing temperature:230-250°C
Bed temperature: 85~100°C
Glass transition temperature: 100°C
Packaging: Vacuum sealed with desicant

Great for high-cycle, low strength applications.
Fatigure resistance.
Matte surface finish.
Chemical resistance on most liquid including cleaning agents.
A bit of flexible.
Suitable for object that has snap fit feature, living hinge.

Print condition:
Hotend: Hotend consists of PTFE linear or without i.e.all metal hotend
Print build surface: Packaging Tape, PP sheet with heated bed, work best with enclosed build chamber
Part cooling fan: 10~15% on.
Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C, moisture level <50%.

Warning 1: Please print it under well ventilated environment for opened frame printer.
Warning 2: PP material is quiet challenging to print i.e. warping. Consider get the sample for first time user.



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