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PLA Max 1.75mm Filament 1kg / 1000g

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PLA Max is a blend of 96% PLA with 4% of addictive to produce 5 times stronger compared to regular PLA. PLA Max remain as PLA easily printability feature while added strength that could compete with ABS.

Material: PLA Max
Diameter: 1.75mm +/-0.05mm
Print Temperature:195~230°C
Bed temperature: 20~50°C

Good in layer adhesion. PVP glue recommended for better first layer
Low odour
High strength. Can be use to produce average mechanical part
Spool is transparent, able to see material remaining
Resealable bag, filament can be store back to keep it from dust and moisture
Compatible with desktop 3D printer that accept open filament system
Vacuum packed with silica gel to avoid moisture

Keep in mind:
Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C, moisture level <50%.
Hotend: Consists of PTFE linear inside hotend to avoid heat creep.
Part cooling fan: Turn on 100% for best quality print.
Warning: PLA Max is not intend to use as functional part that get in touch with temperature more than 45°C.

What's include in the box:
1 roll PLA Max filament of your choice + 1 PVP glue stick



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