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PC 1.75mm Filament 1kg / 1000g

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PC is known as Polycarbonate, a strong, durable, and tough material. It's a naturally transparent thermoplastic with high impact resistance and excellent heat resistance.

Material: PC
Diameter: 1.75mm +/-0.05mm
Print Temperature: 230~270°C
Bed Temperature: 80~110°C
Net Mass: 1.0kg
Part Cooling fan: Off all the time
Heat resistance temperature: 115°C
Glass transtition temperature:150°C
Rockwell hardness:R 121
Vacuum packed with silica gel to avoid moisture.

PC is a strong, durable, and tough material.
Good flexibility, strength, temperature and high impact-resistant.
Durable for high end prototype or functional end-use parts.
Stand up to wear and tear.
Can be bent at room temperature without cracking or breaking

Fully enclosed printer as PC is more prone to warping and splitting than ABS
Full metal hotend i.e. no PTFE linear inside heat block and able to reach 300°C
Filament dryer storage to keep PC (very hydroscopic) from explore to moisture
Filament dehydrator to dry away moisture absorbed PC material

What's inside the box:

1xPC colot of your choice

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