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ASA 1.75 Filament 1kg / 1000g

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ASA is a UV stable version of ABS.
UV stable property allows printed part can be use under sunlight.
Compatible with 3d printer that accept open filament system.

Diameter: 1.75mm±0.05mm
Weight: 1kg (filament) + 0.3kg (spool)
Printing temperature: 230-240°C
Bed temperature: 80~110°C
Glass transition temperature: 105°C
Packaging: Vacuum sealed with desicant

Hight impact resistance suitable for mechanical used.
Less smell compared to ABS.
Durable, can be use under sunlight.
Suitable for printing small detail part.
Printed part can be treated with acetone to get a smooth and shiny surface or to weld two objects together.
Printed part can be sanded, sprayed, polished, drilled and painted.

Keep in mind:
First layer adhesion: PVP glue stick or ASA juice can help to reduce warpage.
Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C, moisture level <50%.
Hotend: Work for both type of hotend consists of PTFE linear or without i.e.all metal hotend
Part cooling fan: Turn off 100% to reduce layer delamination and warping.
Warning: Please print it under well ventilated environment for opened frame printer.

What's include:
1 roll ASA of your choice



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