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Fabbxible Technology was founded in 2015. Fabbxible is the combination of 2 words 'fabricate' and 'possible', also it pronounces sound near to 'flexible' for easier memorize. The reason we named our company as Fabbxible is because we want to enable our customer fabricate their idea to become possible. This is where 'fabrication made possible' became our slogan.

We choose 3d printing because this technology is easier to realize idea from design. As for now 2018, there is already a lot of low cost desktop 3d printer flooding on the market. However there are still challenges in 3d printing process, we feel that we need to address the problem to Malaysia user. 

Problems exist in 3d printing especially high cost of refill material and limited choice of material. We are solving this issue by bringing variable of material in lower cost as possible but we still make enough margin to keep company sustain. We also provide samples pack of material so user could try and test out material compatible with machine and its potential application. We truly believe by combining variable properties of material into single part in 3d printing will make significant breakthrough where injection molding couldn't compete with it.

Providing maker friendly cost does not mean we sacrifice the quality. We always listen to customer feedback and make improvement. Throughout 1 year plus, we have made improvement such as packaging, material moisture, labeling, printing tips and material certification. We are working with manufacturer to gather all Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) so industries customer could make decision to use our material on their printing project. 

When we were bringing more material to the market, printability become an issue such as moisture, warping, first layer adhesion and nozzle capability. So, we are working on various project to solve the above mentioned issue. Kindly follow us on Facebook to look for our project update. We also share interesting tips and blog post. Stay tune!