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Okay, let's get started...

What you will going to do with you future 3D printer? 

Click one of the box below A or B best describe you

1. I'm engineer. I use it for prototyping to confirm my design.
2. I'm going to part with medium size (30mm cubic) to big size (400mm cubic)
3. I use it as hobby print toys and decorations for friend and family. Sometimes make some side income.
4. I'm RBT or science club teacher. I teach student to start using 3d printer for their project.

5. I'm archaeologist. I use it to print big statue, art, dinosaur bones and historical building.
6. My company production need jig and fixture. I can use 3D Printer to speed up the process, no need wait out source for 1-2 weeks.
7. I'm cake baker. I plan to use 3d printer to produce mold for custom shape cake.

Option A

1. I like Marvel, DC, Gunpla, etc. I want to print small figurine for my toy collection.
2. I'm in jewelry industry. I want to explore to 3d printing to add in my jewelry making process.
3. I make miniature items like doll house, scaled down building for developer. 
4. I need a high precision prototyping and smooth surface finishing part so I can show to my client.
5. I make resin art. I want to add some 'touches' to make my product more interesting.

Option B

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