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Below are the 3D Printer Model for 200mm ish size

Each model has it own unique feature, click the model you like for DETAIL DESCRIPTION

 DIY Package 

Ender-3 V2

Ender 3 V2.png

Build Size: 220x220x250mm

Ender-5 Pro

Ender 5 Pro

Build Size: 220x220x300mm

 Features Rich Package 



Build Size: 235x235x250mm

 Dual Extrusion Package 

Tenlog Hands 2B Pro

Tenlog Hands 2B.png

Build Size: 220x220x300mm

 Fully Enclosed Package 



Build Size: 200x200x200mm

 Premium Prusa Features 

Bear MK3S

3DXFABB Bear.png

Build Size: 250x210x210mm

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